When You Least Expect It






How many times in this life have good, and probably bad things happened when we least expect them?  I think it is when we are trying too hard for that great thing to happen or to avoid something really scary and bad for us that the exact opposite of what we want happens.  With my beau R, I journaled frequently so that I would always know ‘where I was at’ with things.  I didn’t want things to go awry without me knowing!  Well that unfolded right under my watchful eye!  I have been seeing someone that I met online for several months now.  After our first time out, I continued to see him for no particular reason. He lives about 4 hours from me and has driven nearly every day he has off to see me.  He cannot usually stay with me as my kids are usually home, but he stays in a hotel close to my house.  I have dated some others all the while I was seeing him every week.  I almost broke things off more than once just because I didn’t see a future for us.  Well a couple of weeks ago I realized I had pretty strong feelings for him.  Things between us have gotten more intense.  I find myself missing him now during the time he is away.  We are texting more in between visits.  I really saw no future for us when we first met and I think that is why I didn’t really invest much or give a lot of thought to things.  We did have a good time every week when he came up, though.  He is kind, loving and cute.  He is good to me.  I wasn’t expecting to develop strong feelings for him and it has caught me off guard.

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