I am approaching 3 months now since I lost my job.  Am I retired?  Nope.  I wish I was independently wealthy, though, as I keep plenty busy with life and my kids.  I can appreciate the lack of motivation people can acquire when in this situation.  I have worked my whole life excluding when I was having my children.  Sometimes it was a little less than full-time, but not much less.  I have gotten used to not working and have enjoyed my time off.  I have found a job and hope to start by January 1 at the latest.  Hopefully my credentialing will go through sooner, but that this is the projection date I was given.  Though I am thankful to have found a job, I am not looking forward to the commute.  It is 3 hours away!  I will have to spend a considerable amount of time there and I dread not being home with my kids.

I have been seeing someone who, also, doesn’t live close by.  He lives 4 hours away in the opposite direction of my new job.  He has been doing all the driving for our time together, which I so appreciate.  I really didn’t think things would evolve at all.  We had fun and that’s why I continued seeing him.  I have developed feelings for him, though.  I was just focusing on having fun when we were together.  I never thought about all the “what if’s.”  Now I find myself caring quite a bit about him.  I know he feels the same way.  I’m not sure if we can overcome the things I thought from the beginning were barriers, but time will tell.

School is in full swing and we are almost finished with fall sports.  I have 3 in high school and 1 in college.  I know the next years will fly by, so I am just holding on tight and relishing all I can from the short time they are at home.  Next thing you know it will be Christmas.  Yikes!

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