The Fog

The eye can’t see
The fog is so thick
Clouds of doubt
Too seen above the clearing
Does the fog obscure
The view if other than here?

Do the lies make the person
The bits and pieces
already dwelling in our soul?
Or does the soul seek
To protect,
not showing itself?

It is not just one
Who was so wrong
Who broke a part
A love to be forever

I used to know
A wonderful heart
Who bared his soul
To me and I thought
We’d never part
Isn’t that what was said
On that eve so many ago?
Did we say what
or what did we say?
Did we mean what we said
And we forgot what it means
To say forever I do
I will
I promise
To love and cherish for
For all the days
and all the years
Is this not what we said?
Does the confusion mean
Its been forgotten?
What does it mean
To say I do
I will

We didn’t mean what we said
Did we mean to lie
to those who love us
To all who came
To me
To you
To God.

  1. In my case at least, I don’t view my wedding vows as a lie. We meant them at the time and we couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. But things changed. We experienced new stresses and our desires, perspectives and needs were transformed. Now, it seems pretty unrealistic to me that we can say that we will be with someone forever because we just can’t predict what life will teach us.

    Lovely poem, Michele.

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