An Old Friend

I had lunch recently with a friend from my high school days. He was in Portland for work and had posted he was in town on Facebook. The last time he was here I wasn’t able to meet him for lunch for some reason or another. It was a spur of the moment lunch. We agreed the day before to meet the next day. The morning prior to our lunch I found myself feeling anxious, a bit nervous. I was very surprised at how I was feeling. It wasn’t a nervous because he was a possible romantic interest. I think it was more a worry of what he would think of me. It had been 20 years since I had seen or heard anything from him. Would he think I was fat, ugly, unsuccessful? He would know I was divorced. Yep, part of that big loser club. I am one of the rare ones who’s husband left her. My husband who was faithful and loyal decided at some point that he couldn’t stand me. He didn’t leave me for someone else or to pursue some dream he’d had tucked away. He left me so that he could spend his days drinking. I feel like the details of my life are glaring and written all over my face. People know when they look at me that I was unwanted and thrown away. If they can’t tell they’ll find out after talking to me. So we met for lunch and went to a really fabulous BBQ place next to where he was working. Its funny how some people look just the same as they did in high school, maybe just a little older. Others look completely different. Kevin looked the same as he did in high school! I recognized him right away!

Kevin died yesterday morning November 5, 2010. He suffered a fatal MI while he was in Texas doing the Justin Beiber thing. I am still in such shock. Life is so fragile. We never know when it will be our time. The Lord says that we do not know the hour or the day that He will come. We also don’t know when our life will end. What can I glean from yet another loss in my life? Loss is a reminder that we must always strive to be right with God. Stay close to the one who has promised us a real future. Not the so-called future we have here on earth that is filled with brokeness, hurt and disappointment. He promises a future without pain and suffering, or sadness. A future without divorce and ugliness. How great this will truly be. He promises this to those who believe in and love him. I don’t know if Kevin was a Christian. I hope someone was with him at the end. Someone to pray with him. God bless you Kevin. I hope to see you on the other side.

  1. Hi,
    Yes life is precious. Each real live moment is only now, this instant. We can only hope and think about tomorrow and we can only recall yesterday. They key I feel is to ensure that each moment is spent/lived wisely. Enjoy each and every conscious moment to the fullest.
    May each moment in your life be happy and peaceful.
    Kind thoughts,

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