Can I Have Your Number?

“What?” I answered. I’m sure the shock and confusion that suddenly consumed me was evident, if not in my response, it surely was by the look on my face.

“My name is Caleb. Can I have your number?” What the hell is he saying? My what? What could he possibly want with my phone number?


What else could I say? I was in shock. There were people around. We were in a public place after all. I wondered who was witnessing this scandalous exchange? I felt as if everything and everyone stopped to look and listen.

Truth is no one probably noticed or cared. It was a brief, meaningless exchange so why was I so affected? Who was that guy and good Lord how old was he anyway? I cannot fathom the idea that some guy would be interested in me in a romantic way. I dated “guys” prior to getting married. Are they still “guys” or “men?”. I prefer guys. As its been 12 hours or so since the “event” occurred I’m wondering did I just dream this whole thing?

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